Vegetable juices

V8 Splash contains 5% vegetable juice, and for the majority of V8 Splash varieties, we use carrot and sweet potato juice. We source the majority of our high-quality carrot juice from carrots grown mainly in California. The color of all of our orange V8 Splash varieties comes from this carrot juice.

High fructose corn syrup

High fructose corn syrup or HFCS is a sweetener used to bring the right level of sweetness in V8 Splash. HFCS is made from corn and is a mix of fructose and glucose. It contains the same calories as table sugar.


Many V8 Splash varieties provide a good source of the antioxidants vitamin C, and vitamins B6, B12, and niacin.


All water used for V8 Splash production is subject to high quality standards that meet federal government regulations.


Many of these are commonly used, but others you may not be familiar with.  We’ve explained some of these here.


We use sucralose to provide just the right level of sweetness to Splash without increasing the amount of added sugars or calories. Sucralose does not occur naturally; however, it has been proven safe for use in all food products.

Citric acid

We add citric acid to control the acidity of our products to ensure product safety. Our citric acid is derived from Non-GMO sources

Malic acid

We add it for tartness to maintain the safety of our products. Although naturally-occurring in many fruits and vegetables such as apples, grapes, and rhubarb, the malic acid we use is manufactured and not obtained from natural sources.

Natural flavors

Our natural flavors are primarily derived directly from fruits and vegetables. No animal products are used in the natural flavoring for V8 juices.

Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)

Ascorbic acid is another name for vitamin C. It occurs naturally in many foods and we add it to replace the naturally-occurring vitamin C that may be lost during preparing the juice. It is considered an antioxidant.

Calcium disodium EDTA (a.k.a. EDTA)

EDTA is a preservative used to protect the flavor and color of the V8 Splash Blue Raspberry and Strawberry Lemonade varieties.

Calcium phosphate

Calcium phosphate is one source of calcium that can be used to fortify food products. We use it in V8 Smoothies

Artificial food dyes

Food dyes such as Red 40 and Blue 1 give some V8 juices their vibrant colors.

Ester gum & gum acacia

We use ester gum and gum acacia to help improve the appearance of V8 Splash Blue Raspberry and Strawberry Lemonade varieties. These gums are derived from natural sources.


V8 Splash Smoothies use pectin to improve the texture, appearance, and stability of the V8 Splash Smoothies. Pectin is derived from natural sources.

Soy protein isolate

V8 Splash Smoothies contain soy protein, an allergen. The soy protein is added to create the smoothie-like texture in the beverage.



Helps smoothly blend ingredients together for V8 Splash Smoothies. The technical term for this is 'emulsify.' We use lecithin made from soybeans or sunflower seeds. The plant source of the lecithin is always listed.


GMO is short for “genetically modified organisms.” It is sometimes called genetic engineering and refers to a process where desirable traits or characteristics are introduced into an organism.

In America many farmers who grow canola, corn, soybean and sugar beet choose to use genetically modified seeds and have done so for nearly twenty years because it reduces costs and improves yields. More than 90% of these four crops in America are currently grown using genetically modified seeds. These crops are used to make a wide range of different ingredients that are used in foods we eat every day, ranging from vegetable oils to sugar.

We are comfortable using these genetically modified crops because scientists and the FDA, who have been studying genetic engineering for many years, agree that food ingredients made with these methods are safe and aren’t different from other ingredients.

We use Corn (HFCS), Soy and Sugar (Molasses) that are derived from GMO sources in our V8 Splash products.


- high fructose corn syrup

Sugar beet

- citric acid, molasses, sugar

Non-GMO Ingredients

All other ingredients are not genetically modified.


Our V8 Splash beverages are packaged in PET recyclable bottles. PET bottles do not contain BPA.

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We understand that some people would prefer to avoid bisphenol A (BPA), although FDA has determined that it’s safe to use in food packaging. Historically, BPA has been used in food packaging to line metal cans and to preserve the food’s taste and its nutritional value.

PET bottles, pouches, and cartons such as those used for V8® beverages, Swanson® broths and Campbell’s sauces are (and have always been) non-BPA packaging.

Campbell has transitioned to the non-BPA lining in all of our aluminum and steel cans in the United States and Canada.

The containers of a few other products have metal components that have limited food contact points but are key to ensuring that the lids remain tight. BPA is used as a coating on that metal but in small amounts and we continue to work on packaging alternatives.