Swanson® Stock is the perfect foundation for gravies, sauces and casseroles. The stock has a rich, savory flavor with subtle seasoning designed to enhance the flavors in any recipe.


Chicken Stock

We make our chicken stock similar to the way you’d make it at home, only on a much larger scale. The chicken is cooked with water which is then concentrated to create a rich, robust flavor.

Beef Stock

We take a traditional approach to making stock. We cook bones in water. A special steaming process ensures the stock is clear with a robust flavor. The beef is sourced from farms in cattle regions in the U.S.


We add vegetables such as carrots, celery, onions and, in one recipe, cabbage to flavor the broth. The vegetables are mainly sourced in North America.



Is a natural sweetener we add to our beef stock.

Natural flavorings and extracts

We use natural flavors to add a depth of taste. These are mostly oils derived from vegetables, beef, chicken or seafood depending on the variety.

Yeast extract

This is a natural flavor derived from yeast which adds a savory taste.

Lactic acid

A natural ingredient used to enhance the meat flavor in our beef stock.


The ingredients we use in Swanson stocks are not from genetically modified crops.


We use ingredients mainly sourced in North America.

Swanson recipes are created by our chefs in our kitchens and produced in our plants in North Carolina, U.S. and Toronto, Canada.


Swanson cartons contain paperboard, thin layers of plastic and a layer of aluminum foil. Combined, these materials form a robust carton which keeps the broth from spoiling. The paperboard in our cartons is from sustainable sources.

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We understand that some people would prefer to avoid bisphenol A (BPA), although FDA has determined that it’s safe to use in food packaging. Historically, BPA has been used in food packaging to line metal cans and to preserve the food’s taste and its nutritional value.

PET bottles, pouches, and cartons such as those used for V8® beverages, Swanson® broths and Campbell’s sauces are (and have always been) non-BPA packaging.

Campbell has transitioned to the non-BPA lining in all of our aluminum and steel cans in the United States and Canada.

The containers of a few other products have metal components that have limited food contact points but are key to ensuring that the lids remain tight. BPA is used as a coating on that metal but in small amounts and we continue to work on packaging alternatives.