With flavorful ingredients you can see and taste Ready Meals are from brands you trust. Whether you’re in the mood for the classic Italian taste of Prego® or the signature Southwest flavors of Pace® or the traditional Americana flair of Campbell’s, you can have an easy and deliciously satisfying meal.

Key Ingredients


The meats we use in Ready Meals are carefully selected for great flavor and texture. We use USDA-certified meat, such as beef, pork and chicken.


Pasta, rice, barley and black and pinto beans are used to create meals that are delicious and satisfying. Most of our carbs are from crops grown in North America. Many pasta and flours are enriched for vitamin content with essential nutrients: niacin, ferrous sulfate (iron), thiamine mononitrate (vitamin B1), riboflavin (vitamin B2) and folic acid (one of the B vitamins).


We use a variety of vegetables – tomatoes, carrots, onions, zucchini, bell peppers and corn – mostly sourced from North American farms and carefully cooked to add flavor.


We use cheese, cream and milk for a selection of Ready Meals. We buy much of our dairy from suppliers in North America, such as cheese from Wisconsin.


We select ingredients to add unique flavors to Ready Meals. Many of these are commonly used, but others you may not be familiar with.  We’ve explained some of these here.


Beef tallow

Beef fat that we use for flavor.

Chipotle adobo puree

A spice mix made from adobo peppers, tomatoes and Southwest flavoring. 

Citric acid

It is commonly used to control the acidity of shelf stable products. The citric acid we use is made from either sugar or corn.

Glutamic acid

A naturally occurring amino acid that adds a savory taste. 

Lactic acid

A common acid found in dairy products. We add it to improve the tart or subtle sour flavor in some of our dairy-based foods

Natural flavors

Give our products distinctive tastes and may be derived from foods such as beef, chicken, vegetables and herbs.

Granular cheese

A hard cheese blend that adds a sharp flavor.

Pasteurized process cheddar

Cheese blended with water and emulsifiers to create a creamy smooth texture.


Produced during the cheese making process. We use it to enhance the dairy flavor in our meals which contain cheese.

Yeast extract

A natural flavor derived from yeast which adds a savory taste.

Sodium phosphate

A type of salt used to keep meat, such as chicken, tender during cooking and it's used in cheese sauces to make creamy.

Modified cornstarch

Helps to thicken the sauce in the product to give it a smooth, consistent texture.

Potato starch

Used as a thickener to give a smooth texture and consistency, just as you might use corn starch at home.

Sodium citrate

A type of salt that is derived from citric acid. It is commonly called “sour salt” because of its flavor. When added to cheese, it allows it to melt more easily and have a smoother texture.

Soy lecithin

Helps smoothly blend ingredients together. The technical term for this is ’emulisfy.’

Soy protein concentrate

Made from soybean flour after the sugar portion has been removed. We use this protein to enhance the texture of our food and also help thicken the sauce.

Whey protein concentrate

Made from whey, a byproduct of cheese making, and used to enhance the texture of our food.

Xanthan gum

A thickener used to blend our spices and ingredients to give a consistent flavor and appearance. It’s made by fermenting corn, sugar, wheat or soy.


A food color naturally derived from the seeds of the achiote tree. It has a yellow to orange color and is commonly used to color cheese and butter.


A spice made from air-dried fruits of the chili pepper family that is added for color.


In America, approximately 90% of all canola, cornsoy, and sugar beet crops are grown from genetically modified seeds. Farmers have been using these seeds for more than 20 years as they are safe, reduce costs and improve yields.

Ready Meals contain a handful of ingredients that may be made from these crops. They are listed here. Not all of these ingredients are used in all varieties.



- canola oil


- corn syrup, distilled vinegar, modified food starch, xanthan gum


- soy lecithin, soy protein concentrate, soy sauce

Sugar beet

- caramel color, citric acid, lactic acid, sodium citrate, sugar

Non-GMO Ingredients

Other ingredients including our rice, pasta and vegetables are not genetically modified.


Ready Meals are packaged in convenient, microwavable pouches that are non-BPA.

They are not recyclable due to the type of plastic we use.

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We understand that some people would prefer to avoid bisphenol A (BPA), although FDA has determined that it’s safe to use in food packaging. Historically, BPA has been used in food packaging to line metal cans and to preserve the food’s taste and its nutritional value.

PET bottles, pouches, and cartons such as those used for V8® beverages, Swanson® broths and Campbell’s sauces are (and have always been) non-BPA packaging.

Campbell has transitioned to the non-BPA lining in all of our aluminum and steel cans in the United States and Canada.

The containers of a few other products have metal components that have limited food contact points but are key to ensuring that the lids remain tight. BPA is used as a coating on that metal but in small amounts and we continue to work on packaging alternatives.

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