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We are proud of the food we bake. We make our Goldfish® crackers with smiles and ingredients you can feel good about. But we know you may have questions about ingredients we use. We’ve tried to answer some of those here. Have a look around. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please get in touch.

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The Goldfish Brand Story



Cheddar Goldfish crackers
Flavor Blasted Goldfish
Goldfish grahams
Goldfish Pretzel crackers
Colors Goldfish crackers
Original Goldfish  crackers
Whole Grain Cheddar Goldfish
Parmesan Goldfish crackers
Baby Goldfish Crackers
Pizza Goldfish crackers
Goldfish crackers Made with Organic Wheat Cheddar
Goldfish Mix – Chocolate Mint & Pretzel
Goldfish Mix – Honey Mustard & Pretzel
Goldfish Mix – Xtra Cheddar & Pretzel


We proudly bake Goldfish crackers in three bakeries across the USA.





Goldfish crackers are packaged in several different ways. None of these packages contain BPA. The most prevalent package is a bag consisting of different components. The outer bag is made of paper and may be recycled. However, the inner bag is made of material that helps maintain product freshness, and is not recyclable.

Goldfish crackers are also packaged in boxes or milk carton like structures. These cartons are recyclable where facilities exist as they are made using different layers that currently cannot be separated at traditional recycling facilities.

Additionally, Goldfish crackers are packaged in convenient, resealable stand up bags. They are not recyclable due to the type of plastic used to help maintain product freshness.


Goldfish pack